Monday, 10 September 2012

Why Hire Builders ? For Building Padding

Hiring Builders takes much of the hassle out of construction projects. Anyone who has attempted to build their own home knows first-hand the hassle it can, and often does, become. There are so many things to think about, decide, and do, when building a home. From government building permits and code, to choosing the color of carpet and paint, the process is much more involved than a non-professional builder may realize.

For instance, just getting the utilities brought into the property can be enough for some people to fold. Things that seem like they would take one or two phone calls can often explode into a web of unanswered questions, necessitating the task of numerous phone calls and emails to chase down the people who have the answers to those questions. Builders usually can anticipate these questions and concerns and get them answered before they become an issue. The nice thing for the homeowner-to-be, is that they saved themselves this hassle and anxiety—if they hired this out to a contractor. Not only can bringing utilities into the property be a hassle, but there are similar headaches just waiting for an amateur owner-builder all through the building process. Hiring out the entire project to a local builder is the surest way to eliminate those headaches.

Not only is there less hassle for someone who hires out a project, but hiring a builder usually means that the project will take less time. If one or two people are doing all of the work, including framing, plumbing, electrical, drywall, mudding, painting, flooring, finish carpentry, roofing etc. it will obviously take longer to complete the project than it would if crews of 4-6 people worked on each part. Some parts of construction can also be done simultaneously, such as finish plumbing, finish electrical, and finish carpentry. This cuts out additional time from the duration of the project. If a novice builder has questions about whether or not what is being done will pass a building inspection, that information will have to be looked up and studied, taking additional time. Builders and subcontractors are usually current on building code, so this is not something that will take additional time for them to do.

However, whether the owner does all the work himself or hires parts or all of it out to professional subcontractors, it will usually take a longer time to complete than hiring out the entire job to a general contractor. This is true because subcontractors have to fit odd-jobs in between their regularly scheduled jobs. Builders usually have a few subcontractors that they work with on a regular basis, and the crews have a rhythm for getting jobs done together. Thus, it takes less time when the entire project is contracted out to a general contractor.

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